The lack of a decent audio version of Mein Kampf is a vacuum that Ford is diligently trying to fill. I had apprehensions about what the quality of the narration would be, but this narration, which could have been quite entirely horrible, is really quite good. The principal (male) narrator has an agreeable accent that will not elude the American ear. His pace and intonation compliment the text well and help bring out the emotion and sarcasm present in many passages. Critically, he brings real and constant energy to the text that hold the reader's attention in a way a lesser narrator could not do.


The book is invaluable in the historical and ideological context it provides. It is a collage of different topics and ideas ranging from insightful, to tired, to conflicted, to repugnant. The author's theory of anti-Semitism and of Aryan superiority are unqualified and unabashed. They are major factors in the book, though not necessarily to the extreme some might expect. The book goes into some not entirely expected directions, but then tends to circle back to revisit selected themes repeatedly, albeit with a new twist each time. It certainly betrays its origins as little more than a transcription of a long political oration, but that makes it no less interesting. Ultimately, it is an inescapable milestone in Twentieth Century history and one will come away from it with a new appreciation of the ideological mechanisms at the heart of National Socialism.

JR (Upstate NY)


Your products are insightful and useful for me as an historian and social psychologist! Thanks! 

Timothy O. (5-13-2010)

Fernando (15 Sep 2010),

I just got my audiobook yesterday and I'm loving it!. Great current translation, I really liked the british accent and the female voice during intersections. Great work. Finally a copy I can understand.