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Mein Kampf: Official Nazi Murphy Translation

James Murphy created a translation into English for the Nazi government in 1936-37 while he stayed in Germany. He had some sympathies for their politics and because of this the propaganda ministry hired him to create the English translation of Mein Kampf. Over time, Murphy's opinions about the Nazi government changed. The German government decided they no longer cared for him after he made some critical remarks and told him he had to leave. He left quickly without his translation into English or any notes. Later he sent his wife back and she was able to obtain a copy from his German secretary. The German government edited and published the Murphy version which was completed for them, in English, and it was printed within Germany from the presses of the Nazi printing office. Very few copies are known to have been printed, but the of the ones which were printed, some were sent to POW camps in Germany for British and American POW's. A very rare version of this official Nazi English edition has recently been re-discovered republished for the first time since it was printed by the Nazi government and is available here. It is very interesting to compare this translation to both Murphy's later translation and to the new Ford translation to compare the differences.

The Nazi version is filled with grammar errors, spelling errors, and astonishing punctuation errors. This printing preserves every error exactly as it was published in Germany. Nothing has been altered.

Don't miss your chance to own this piece of history. This is a book that has been unpublished and unseen since World War II.


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