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Mein Kampf: A Translation Controversy

This Free eBook reveals the errors and omissions in past translations of Mein Kampf. Find out how past translations altered text, changed passages, omitted certain passages, and even edited out some of Hitler's sarcastic wit. Download your free copy now. Download Now >>

Take the Mein Kampf challenge: Compare any passage in the Ford Translation to any other translation and decide for yourself which is the most accurate, most true to Hitler's original words and easiest to read! You will see why the Ford Translation is the most recommended version.

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Mein Kampf: The Ford Translation

Various translations of Mein Kampf were produced in the 1930's to 40's but they all suffered from two big problems: They were inaccurate and they were hard to read. In 2009 a new version was released called the Ford Translation. It is a completely new translation which is the easiest to understand and the most accurate ever produced. This version is also the first available in an audio format.

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Many people think Mein Kampf is a long diatribe against Jews and other races. The truth is that only a small part of Mein Kampf is anti-Semitic. Less than 5%! The majority of the work involves Hitler's discussion of the German people's difficult times after the First World War, his political theories and his organization of the Nazi Party, as well as many attacks against his enemies which makes it a very interesting and moving story.

Hitler's own words answer the question “why?”. It is critical that you understand Hitler's reasoning. Short, one-hour video documentaries on T. V. only provide an abbreviated discussion of “what Hitler did,” leaving the viewer clueless about who he was and why he did it and especially why so many followed him. His own words are the best way to understand why. Do you truly want to understand not only how it happened but why it has happened repeatedly and will happen again? You have a chance to understand Hitler and history in a way few people dare to, if you take the step being offered and read Mein Kampf! More Info>>



NEW: Official Nazi English Translation of Mein Kampf

Official Nazi Translation Never before published outside Nazi Germany! This is the official translation which was created for the Nazi propaganda department. Only a hand full were printed in Germany and most of those went to POW camps where English and American soldiers were held. This rare version has been re-discovered and published for the first time since the fall of Nazi Germany.

This is the only official Nazi translation of Mein Kampf into English. It was published in Germany by the NSDAP Printing Office. The translation was ordered and paid for by the Propaganda Ministry who hired James Murphy in 1936-7 to translate the work. His name is not credited in the book. His wife was able to obtain a handwritten version of the translation which he later used as the basis for the Hurst and Blackett version.

Many people are familiar with the old Murphy Translation of 1939 but what most people do not know is that James Murphy was originally hired by the Nazi German government to make an English translation for them. Murphy made some statements the Nazi's disliked after he became disenchanted with their policies and they told him to leave the country, quickly. He left without his manuscript which was actually property of the Nazi government because it was made for them as a work-for-hire. He sent his wife back to secretly obtain a copy of his work. This original Nazi translation is the one he further refined into the official Murphy translation which was published in England in 1939. There are many differences between the two versions and it is an interesting comparative study to place it side by side with any other translation. If you are looking for a version to read(or listen to) then the Ford translation is a better choice, but if you want to compare other editions or to read through a version of Mein Kampf that has not appeared on the market ever before, then this is a great choice. More Info>>

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NEW: German Language Mein Kampf with accurate dust jacket art

Official Nazi German Language Edition -- This book is written in the German Language. ISBN 978-0-9841584-5-4

This is the original German language version of Mein Kampf. It is presented here for those who wish to compare the original text to the English translations and for study of the original work itself. This book has been reproduced based on an original 1943 edition printed by the Nazi printing office, Eher Verlag.

The cover is also an accurate copy of the original cover purchased by millions of Germans. The book is a blue cloth hard-cover with gold lettering on the spine. The dust jacket wraps around the cover to protect it and it is shown in the photo. The cover has an aged look to match the originals. This is a great collector's item or coffee table book as well as a must-have study guide for those serious about researching Hitler's writings.


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Mein Kampf: A Collectors Guide

Various editions of Mein Kampf were produced and they all have a fascinating history. Some are very valuable and others are worthless. This illustrated eBook goes through the printing history of Mein Kampf and shows the various editions plus explains little known secrets about their production. Fully illustrated. Find out if you have one of these valuable copies in your attic. Download Now(3.6Meg) >>


Dissecting The Hitler Mind

Sex – Violent Childhood – Fear – Fits of Rage – Belief in Destiny
They all played a part in creating the personality of Adolf Hitler. What secrets were in Hitler’s life? Psychoanalysis has proven that a person’s adult life is determined by their childhood. This is the method used to reverse-engineer Hitler in this professional psychological analysis. It looks at his adult life and determines what led him to be the person he became. It reveals many previously unknown characteristics plus it made predictions, many of which came true. Includes pdf of the book and almost 7 hours of audio.
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Mein Kampf in Britain and America: A Publishing History 1930-39

History of Mein Kampf English Translations

This book was published before the Ford Translation was released, but it has a fascinating history discussion of Mein Kampf. Did you know that Hitler was responsible for a US Supreme Court Ruling on Copyrights? Find out the details.

English-language translations of Hitler's Mein Kampf during the 1930s raise a number of perplexing questions. Why did a translation not appear in Britain and America until October 1933, seven years after it had first been published in Germany and nine months after Hitler had come to power? When it appeared, why was it only an abridgment rather than the full text? Was it true, as some alleged, that the Nazis severely censored this version? Who was the translator, and why was his name absent from the English edition? When the complete text finally appeared in March 1939, why were there not only two American editions but a separate English edition as well? Did Hitler oppose publishing the entire text in foreign editions, or was its appearance delayed because the publishers felt that such a long and tedious autobiography was of limited public interest? These are the kinds of puzzling queries that intrigued the authors of this book.
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Mein Kampf And The Present War by AP Mayville

This is a booklet by A.P. Mayville printed by the American Goodwill Association in 1939. It says on the cover: "A critical survey of the Nazi bible of hate and its effect on pre-war events in Germany from which emanated the impending cataclysm of the world" Before and during the World War II, a number of influential citizens published their own commentaries for and against Hitler and Mein Kampf. These original Anti-Nazi books provide an interesting and informative view of the feelings towards the Nazis in pre-war America and England. Download Now >>


Mein Kampf An Unexpurgated Edition by BD Shaw

This is a booklet by B.D. Shaw and the Political Digest Press printed in 1939. The cover proclaims it is "An Unexpurgated Digest...Read what Hitler tried to hide from you." It contains selected quotes from Mein Kampf along with the author's commentary. The booklet was only 10 cents and offered a number of more expensive publications inside the cover. Download Now >>


Army Talks on Mein Kampf

This is a booklet produced by the US Army for officers and chaplins. It was intended to help them explain Mein Kampf to soldiers and includes a guide for this purpose. It discusses parts of Mein Kampf and "explains" them in a way soldiers can understand. It is an interesting piece of war-era propaganda. Download Now >>


Lies As Allies -or- Hitler At War

This is a booklet published in 1941 which analyzes a number of Hitler's statements based on the opinion of Viscount Maugham(Frederic Maugham, Baron Maugham), Ex-Lord Chancellor of Great Britain. 9meg, 64 pages. Download Now >>


Germany's Hitler - A Biography

This is a sympathetic biography of Hitler published in 1934, in Germany. This English Translation by Heinz A. Hienz gives a look into the impression Hitler wanted to portray(and successfully did so for a long time) to the public. It was published almost one year after Hitler became Chancellor. 3meg, 259 pages. Download Now >>


The German Nazi in 22 Lessons - Useful information about the Fiihrers Fifth Column Members, Gauleiters and Quisling

This is a very rare booklet printed in French which satirizes Nazism in 22 cartoons. There was no date on the original and no publisher's name. The use of Quisling likely indicates it was published during the occupation. The PDF is in French. You can copy and paste text from any page into a translation site like to translate into English or other languages. 1.5meg, 22 pages. Download Now >>


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Mein Kampf

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